If you’re looking at this page it’s probably because someone you love has died so do be assured of God’s love for them and for you; and of the Church‘s care for you at this tough time.

Anyone who lives in the Parish is entitled to have their funeral service in Church whether they attended Church during their lifetime or not.

For someone who did attend services in the Church it’s most appropriate if their service takes place in the Church where they worshipped.

If you don’t want the service to take place in Church the Clergy from St.Peter’s will be happy to come to the Crematorium or cemetery to conduct the funeral service there.

You will need to contact a Funeral Director at some point to make the arrangements but do feel free to contact the Clergy too if you wish.  The Priest who is going to take the service will come round to get to know the family beforehand (if he or she doesn’t already know them) and to discuss aspects of the service with them.

After the service you’re welcome to keep in touch and the Church will give as much support as it can in the months and years following the death. Each November there is a memorial service, and relatives of all those whose funeral services have been led by Clergy from here are invited.

Some people like to plan their funeral service prior to their death. There is nothing morbid about this and it’s not tempting fate, in fact it can be really helpful. If you’d like to have such a discussion the Clergy will be very happy to talk about it with you.

Do by all means phone or email us to chat about all this if you wish.

Bookings for funerals are taken through the Rector, Fr Michael Camp. To send an enquiry, either send an email via the form below or contact our church office on 01202 749085.

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