Looking Outwards

St. Peter’s is a church which looks outwards and links with a number of organisations both locally and internationally.

Each month we learn about and pray for one of a number of international mission agencies. During November, “Let us praise God for the great and glorious victory which he has been pleased to grant to us and to our Allies, and for the good hope of peace now shining through the clouds of war. Let us praise him for the faithfulness, bravery, and self-sacrifice of all who have fought and laboured for our deliverance, and, above all, for the memory and high example of the men who have died that we may live.
Let us remember before God the solemn responsibility now resting upon the statesmen of the world, and pray that he may guide them by his spirit of counsel and of strength, and that by their endeavours peace and justice, freedom and order, may be established among all nations.” – a Thanksgiving to Almighty God, Sunday the 17th of November 1918, issued under the Authority of the Archbishops of Canterbury and York. Click here for Thanksgiving 1918

The First World War resulted in the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, inaugurating the Soviet regime, and the spread of Communism. Click here to read the Presidential Message on Victims of Communism Day 7th November 2018

Click here to find out more about the Victims of Communism Foundation which seeks to educate people about the stark reality of history’s socialist and communist experiments.

Today, Islamists are the greatest force for evil in the world and Christianity is the most persecuted religion on earth. Let us stand in solidarity with Christians around the world who are being persecuted because of their faith.

Click here to find out more about Red Wednesday 28th November 2018
Click here to find out more about the British Legion and here to find out more about SSAFA the Armed Forces charity

We are of course part of the Church of England Diocese of Salisbury and of the worldwide Anglican Communion. Salisbury Diocese is linked with the Episcopal Church of the Sudan and South Sudan and we have a special link with the South Sudanese Diocese of Wau. Click here for the latest newsletter about the Poole/Wau partnership

We are part of Churches Together in Dorset; Churches Together in Poole and Churches Together in East Poole. Click here for the latest newsletter from Churches Together in Dorset. Here you can read about ecumenical activity all over the county

Locally our mission as the Church of Christ leads us to get involved with schools, care homes and social care agencies. We regularly visit Nursing and care homes; we support work at Poole Refuge and Robert Gabriel House which cares for young people; we have a Church Junior school and we regularly work with the other schools in the Parish too; we support work with homeless people in Poole and Refugees from Syria, and we are part of the work of the Poole Passion.

Here are some links to a range of other people and organisations we
like to work with:

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