Crosses tell stories at Baden-Powell and St.Peter’s School

All over Latin America Christians make crosses decorated with bright colours to tell stories. Often they will tell sad stories of Christians living under oppressive regimes who were martyred for their faith and their service to the communities. There is a famous one created to tell the story of Archbishop Oscar Romero, murdered while saying Mass in 1980. The bright colours tell of the hope in Christ that those communities still hold. Here is an example.

This is one that does not tell a sad story. We reckon it could tell the story of our school because it shows children playing and worshipping together with Jesus in the centre. There’s also a world which shows us looking outwards

Now, each class in the school has made a cross to tell the story of their class. Here are some of our class crosses. They will go up on classroom walls and doors for the coming year to remind us of the distinctive Christian ethos of our school.

Some of our crosses are made up of a collection of images representing each child in the class. Some tell us about the child’s likes or hobbies, others tell us what each child would like to change about the world. Some of the crosses focus on the Christian spiritual values shared by members of that class.