It’s Light Party time again

On 31st October, St Peter’s hosted its second LIGHT PARTY. It was a fun, bright and sparkly event. The church was lit with four enormous UV lights, making white or neon colours glow like beacons. Sparkly fairy lights and neon bunting all helped to make the church look beautiful. The North Porch was lit with illuminated balloons and pumpkins, carved with smiley faces and words such as ‘joy’ and ‘love’. Our welcomer at the door had many a chat to passers-by, telling them about the party and inviting them in.

There was lots on offer for children and grown-ups alike. We made candles, paper lanterns, doves and crowns. There was neon face paint, the doughnut-on-a-string game and a prayer candle. There was delicious party food, tea and cake. We danced and boogied to disco music, had a limbo competition (which the three-year olds won) and played musical statues and musical bumps.

This was a wide-reaching community event which needed input from a variety of different people. So thank you if you loaned your fairly lights, baked cakes, helped put on the craft, threaded doughnuts onto string, decorated the church etc. All these jobs really helped it all come together.

A special thank you to Nick Ellis from Holy Angels Lilliput who donated lights, extension leads and carried out the necessary electric tests.