Our new Priest – Fr. Jonny’s Ordination

An Ordination is always a great occasion. You get a real sense of the Church being gathered together from many places and across the ages. Ordination happens through the laying-on-of-hands with prayer, as it has done since the very earliest days of the Church and Bishops have been Ordaining Priests in in Salisbury Cathedral for centuries.

Following a few days in retreat Jonny Scott came to the Cathedral as a Deacon to be Ordained Priest along with nine others form across the Diocese and with the Cathedral full of people. It was a profound and moving time for everyone involved and the coach load who went from St.Peter’s were delighted to be there (in spite of the coach https://laparkan.com/buy-accutane/ turning up an hour late to take us! Never mind, all was well in the end) We sung some great hymns and heard a marvellous and accessible Sermon from Canon Peter Kerr who had conducted the Ordinands’ retreat.

On Sunday 2 July Fr Jonny Presided at the Eucharist for the first time and we all shared great Patronal Festival lunch. All in all, a great weekend of celebration. totally adrenaline fuelled for Fr Jonny, but a weekend he wont forget.

And nor will the rest of us.


It was nice to see our old friend Brigid again!

It was VERY sunny – not complaining!