Our new Priest – Fr. Jonny’s Ordination

An Ordination is always a great occasion. You get a real sense of the Church being gathered together from many places and across the ages. Ordination happens through the laying-on-of-hands with prayer, as it has done since the very earliest days of the Church and Bishops have been Ordaining Priests in in Salisbury Cathedral for centuries.

Following a few days in retreat Jonny Scott came to the Cathedral as a Deacon to be Ordained Priest along with nine others form across the Diocese and with the Cathedral full of people. It was a profound and moving time for everyone involved and the coach load who went from St.Peter’s were delighted to be there (in spite of the coach turning up an hour late to take us! Never mind, all was well in the end) We sung some great hymns and heard a marvellous and accessible Sermon from Canon Peter Kerr who had conducted the Ordinands’ retreat.

On Sunday 2 July Fr Jonny Presided at the Eucharist for the first time and we all shared great Patronal Festival lunch. All in all, a great weekend of celebration. totally adrenaline fuelled for Fr Jonny, but a weekend he wont forget.

And nor will the rest of us.


It was nice to see our old friend Brigid again!

It was VERY sunny – not complaining!