St. Peter’s Gives REAL Advent Calendars to children at our Church school

This year we were able to give a Real Advent Calendar to every child at Baden-Powell and St.Peter’s school. Its a big school with upwards of 720 children but all this was made possible by a legacy from John Williams, a faithful and long standing member of our congregation.

Real Advent Calendars are just what the name suggests. Unlike many commercial versions they actually tell the story of Christmas, and they do so in a way which helps children prepare for the Festival. Along with the Calendar itself there’s an activity book with reflections and activities for each day up until Christmas Eve; and of course there is also the ever popular chocolate. Here it is fairtrade chocolate from the Meaningful Chocolate Company.

On 30 November Fr. Michael introduced the calendars to the children during Collective Worship ( to a great deal of excitement we might add!) and in the afternoon members of the congregation visited all the classrooms to give the calendars out, just in time for December 1.

We’re delighted to have been able to do this and hopeful that it will connect the children to Christmas in a special and meaningful way.